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Residency with Back Lane West Artist 
"To kick off our 2022 programme we are hosting our first ever four month residency at Back Lane West. We’re really excited to welcome two emerging artists as our residents from January to April, Kei Langley and Samuel Bestwick, both based in Cornwall.
They will be sharing the space to develop independent projects, though they have previously worked together on Kei’s project Keskorra that was funded by CAMP’s 2021 Curator Residency.
During her time at Back Lane West, Kei will be looking into the intermittent bouts of allowed absurdity and mania through local traditions and rituals that disrupt the inactivity and serenity of rural areas. Specifically by means of her own childhood memories of growing up in St Ives and via the investigation of invisible and mysterious local elements.
Sam’s intention is to use the space to support his current practice as well as developing two new projects; both of which explore Cornish culture and its history, focusing specifically on the county’s changing relationship to the wider world. Through the residency he hopes to re-establish himself within the roots of his practice whilst also experimenting with and developing his use of moving image."

​​​​​​​This week I joined the Mayes Creative residency, 'ANCIENT MATERIALS I ABOVE AND BELOW' with artists from all over the world. It included talks about mars, natural pigments and ancient sites which I hope will help me in my personal practice in which I am exploring the landscape of cornwall. ​​​​​​​
The project Keskorra centers around collaborative installation and exploration of the Cornish landscape. Keskorra means ‘to assemble’ in Kernowek (the Cornish Language). In this specific context it depicts assembling objects of art and intrigue and to socially gather, creating an assembly of people. The aim was to create an honest representation of local artists' relationship to where they live and celebrate the wonder of non verbal communication and collective memory when inhabiting the same space. The event will be held at the Borlase Room at Porthmeor Studios in St Ives from 7pm- 10pm on the 1st of October and will host a short film made by Samuel Bestwick and a series of photos shot by Alice Cooke. They will document the pilgrimage to each place and the use of play between object person and space. Focusing rather on the shared experience between the artists than the individual creative outcomes. The film will roll on loop and free refreshments will be available.
August 2021
Over September and August of 2021 I will be the Curator Resident for CAMP to produce a funded project called 'keskorra' - a collaborative installation of local emerging artists artwork in the Cornish landscape. 
The residency will include a virtual midway sharing event on the 2nd of September called People and Places. This will be an Introduction to the involved artists practice, and each artist will share a place that they feel connected to in some way. Tickets are available to the public through the CAMP website.   https://helmtickets.com/events/7350/kei-langley---camp-curator-in-residence-sharing-event
To celebrate the end of the project there will be an free event on the 1st of October at Porthmeor Studios at the Borlese Smart Room from 6pm. 
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